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Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder

Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder 2.48m Height (FPT2)

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The Lyte aluminium fruit picking ladder, tripd based, is a hedge trimming ladder or the groundsman ladder this is a safe and easy way to allow the user to work closely to hedges, bushes and trees.It is constructed from industrial strength aluminium and with a rear spiked support. It has channel section side stiles fitted with 3"/76mm deep non-slip treads and rubber feet at base.

The heavy duty rear leg is hinged at the top and fitted with a sturdy ground spike for extra security. Additional interchangedable non slip rubber foot also supplied for safe use on hard surfaces, available on request. It is lightweight, mobile and very strong


Open Height as Step (m): 2.21
Open Height as Ladder (m): 2.48
Treads (not including the top): 7
Weight (Kg): 9

*Treads excludes the top

These items are made on order with a 3 week delivery schedule.