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BoSS Access Towers

Which is the best solution for you?

We take a look at the best BoSS access tower solutions for working at height. The aluminium brands have been certified to EN 1004 : 2004 standards.

Remember, the law requires that personnel erecting, dismantling or altering towers must be competent.  Further information on the use of mobile access and working towers can be obtained from the PASMA operators' code of practice. Finally, always inspect the equipment before use to ensure that it is not damaged and that it functions properly. Towers must always be climbed from the inside using the builtin ladder during assembly and use. Damaged or incorrect components should not be used and should be reported to your health and safety officer.

You need complete control when working at height inside and outside, supported by the best BoSS Access Towers, offering stability, ease of construction and peace of mind. There’s a lot of different options available, but there are a select few that we feel qualify as contenders for towers of all time. We have rounded up a number of the best solutions that are perfect for industrial and DIY use.


BoSS Ladderspan Scaffold Tower

BoSS Ladderspan is a market leading tower system, aimed at the professional end user. Offering a choice of single 0.85m or double 1.45m frame widths, with deck lengths of 1.8m or 2.5m, with 1.2m to 12.2m platform heights.

Designed around the 3T – Through the Trapdoor build method, the operator easily can assemble the system in the trapdoor of the platform, reducing the risk of the assembler falling. This is a very popular seller, providing a robust tower access solution.

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Boss Ladderspan AGR Scaffold Tower

Similar to the standard Ladderspan tower, however, the AGR variant  uses a easier build method for quicker, safer and simpler assembly. When construction time is a factor, this tower offers a time saving advantage. There is a choice of single 0.85m or double 1.45m frame widths, with deck lengths of 1.8m or 2.5m, with 1.2m to 12.2m platform heights. The AGR offers a rigid and robust construction, integral ladders with 0.25m climb rung spacing and 0.5m frame rung spacing for safe and comfortable access. Increased grip is provided by ribbed rungs and complies to safety certification BS EN1004:2004.

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BoSS Clima 3T Scaffold Tower

Similar to the standard Ladderspan, BoSS Clima is a professional aluminium modular access tower system featuring easy climb 0.25m rung spacing  There you go! The difference is the easy to climb rungs, preferred when making higher numbers of up and down climbs. Available in single 0.85m and double 1.45m frame widths that are available in 1.8m or 2.5m platform lengths, with platform heights from 2.2m to 12.2m.

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BoSS Zone 1 Fibreglass Tower

BoSS Zone:1 fibreglass towers have four key properties that set them aside from standard aluminium towers. They are designed to meet Zone 1 requirements requiring properties that  include non-conductive, non-sparking, non-corrosive,and non-oxidising.  so are perfect for working at height in challenging industries.  A Zone 1 area is identified as an environment in which an explosive atmosphere containing air with a mix of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist. 

The BoSS Zone:1 tower systems offer a choice of 0.85m and 1.45m frame widths that available in 1.8m or 2.5m platform lengths, and a range of platform heights from 1.2m to 12.2m.

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Telescopic Tower

Youngman Telescopic Tower

Part of the Boss Family, Youngman, offer a telescopic tower system that can be erected in a few minutes. Portability is key, it can be transported in a small van or estate car. It is a single piece unit with no removable parts, it is designed to be erected and operated by a single person, making it ideal for individuals working alone. It has automatic stabilisers for peace of mind and increased safety. Load capacity 150kg.

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BoSS Solo 700 Tower

Designed to meet a particular need, it’s intended goal is for use on commercial or domestic stairwells and steps, internally or externally. The BoSS SOLO access tower is designed to be assembled and operated by one person, The access tower can be dismantled to a small compact size for easy storage in its own rolling trolley made from the base unit and one platform for easy transportation. The patented Camlock guardrail frames means this tower uses less components than a traditional Boss tower. Modular flexibility is capable due to interchangeable components for easy tower conversation.

Designed for use in confined spaces and stairwells, it utilises confined space stabilisers for increased stability.

The Tower platform has available heights ranging from 3m to 11m.

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BoSS Room-Mate

BoSS Room Mate Tower Platform

The BoSS Room-Mate is a structured access solution for interior decorating and maintenance work, aimed for single person operation. The tower is easy to transport, store and assemble with its folding based frame, and has folding timber toe board for quick and easy installation.

It is designed to fit through standard doorways and corridors due to its compact width of 0.7m. Available platform heights range from 0.8m up to 6.05m. It has a professional duty rating 275kg per platform.

An ideal solution for individuals working in the trade, who require a professional solution to ensure the ‘job gets done’.

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BoSS Staircase Tower

BoSS Staircase Tower

The BoSS Staircase is a lightweight industrial modular access tower system, designed for use where frequent climb and descent of the working area is required. 

The  tower systems offer 1.45m frame width that available in 1.8m or 2.5m platform lengths, and a range of platform heights from 2.4m to 12.4m. It has a 0.5m frame rung spacing for safe and comfortable access, self-closing trapdoor for security and a duty rating 275kg per platform. The tower can be used with base plates or castors.

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BoSS End-Linked Mobile Access Tower

BoSS End Cantilever Tower

The BoSS End-Linked Mobile Access Tower provides a continuous larger working area using fixed decks.  Designed for working across obstacles such as buildings, extensions and large machinery, it provides an additional platform area of 3.2m length and a range of platform heights from 1.2m to 6.2m. It is a structured working solution that helps the professional to tackle difficult working situations, when working at height. 

It is lightweight, designed for easier handling and has a Step-Through frame that provides a multi-level walk through structure. Stability is maintained via robust stabilisers with interlocking clips to improve the overall stability of the tower. 

It is made of an aluminium design that conforms to BS 1139-6:2014.

BoSS Cantilever Access Tower

BoSS Cantilver Access Tower

BoSS Extended End Cantilever is ideal for providing access where obstacles prevent a standard tower from being erected.
This system provides an additional platform area of 1.8m length and a range of platform heights from 2.2m to 6.2m.

Rapid build, this tower range is ideal for overcoming all manner of obstacles such as porches, garage or stairways.

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