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MiTower Scaffold Access Tower


The MiTOWER is designed withe ease in mind, enabling it to be constructed in no-time. You can quickly construct or dismantle the MiTOWER without help from others. Have peace of mind knowing that the tower system is EN 1004 class 3 compliant.

There are two versions within the MiTower range:

MI Tower (One Man Scaffold Tower)

Designed for use by a single person, with easy assembly.  The tower is compact, enabling it to fit into tight spaces, making it suitable for use on a range of different working environments. The base of the MiTower has great features, doubling as the storage and transport trolley, managing storage of the components when not in use.


MI Tower Plus (Two Man Scaffold Tower)

With a longer 1.5m platform, it is designed for use by 2 people. It can be assembled in less than 20 minutes by a single person.  The MiTower's small footprint is ideal for use in a wide range of work sites, both indoor and outdoor. As it is easy to store and manoeuvre, transport between jobs is straightforward, saving you time and money.


MI Tower Stairs (Stairway Access Tower)

The latest addition to our award-winning MI TOWER range makes it quick and easy for people to work safely for the first time. Available as a standalone product or as an extension kit for an existing MI TOWER, MI TOWER STAIRS is
specifically designed to provide a stable platform for working over stairs.