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BoSS Scaffold Towers

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Free delivery on BoSS scaffold tower models and BoSS spares including frames, decks and castors, keeping you working, when you need it. If you require assistance from our trained team, please call. We supply both single and double width scaffold towers, including the BoSS Zone 1 GRP tower range.

BoSS Scaffold Towers Range 

Boss Ladderspan Scaffold Towers

 BoSS Ladderspan Towers : Incorprates the 3T – Through the Trapdoor build method, enabling the user to assemble the system in the trapdoor of the platform.

BoSS Clima Towers

BoSS Clima Towers : Incorpoates the 3T method with the added benefit of featuring easy climb 0.25m rung spacing

BoSS Camlock AGR Tower

BoSS Clima Camlock AGR Towers : Uses an alternative BoSS Camlock AGR build method for quicker, safer and simpler assembly.

BoSS Zone 1 GRP Towers

BoSS Zone 1 GRP Towers : fibreglass non-conductive, non-sparking, non-corrosive and non-oxidising.

BoSS Solo 700 Towers

BoSS Solo 700 Towers : rapid build, single person access tower with a compact base for easy transport.