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Boss Clima Camlock AGR

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The BoSS Camlock Advance Guardrail provides an alternative build method equally supported by the HSE, for BoSS Clima & BoSS Ladderspan towers and offering users the following features & benefits:

  • Safety – guardrail in place before user ascends the platform
  • Tower rigidity – created by positive Cam-Lock action
  • Fewer components – quicker & simpler build
  • Easy to use Cam-Lock – patent pending
  • Clearly identifiable locking mechanism
  • Minimise loss – AGR frames less susceptible to loss and damage than braces
  • Towers of 8.7m and above should be tied in when used externally


Boss Clima Camlock AGR 0.85m x 1.8m Tower

Boss Clima Camlock AGR 1.45m x 1.8m Tower