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BoSS Scaffold Tower Instructions

Ensure that you have the correct understanding and confidence when setting up your BoSS scaffold tower, facilitating a safe and secure working environment. Remember, always follow industry best practice and manufacturer operational instructions.

BoSS scaffold towers are designed and manufactured to PASMA standard EN1004 to keep workers safe within the framework of a tower. In addition to PASMA's guidance, common sense is a key factor in tower safety - workers must adopt this mindset when erecting or dismantling a scaffold tower:

  • Never work on a scaffold tower platform without guardrails
  • Never stand on an unprotected platform when building or dismantling a tower
  • Follow the instructions of the manufacturer
  • If you do not have the instruction manual, do not use the tower

BoSS Tower Instructions and Guides

Below are a list of user guides in PDF format for each tower:

BoSS Zone 1 Scaffold Tower Instructions

BoSS StairMax 700 Tower Instructions

BoSS Solo 700 Tower Instructions

BoSS Ladderspan Tower Instructions

BoSS Clima Tower Instructions

BoSS Side Cantilever Tower Instructions

BoSS Ladderspan AGR Instructions

If you require assistance with operational instructions, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are an authorised BoSS reseller and can provide assistance.