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BoSS Scaffold Tower Specification

Experience Unbeatable Durability and Safety With BoSS Scaffold Towers

Q. Are BoSS scaffold towers easy to assemble?
A . Yes. The 3T - through the trapdoor build method ensures assembly is easy and safe during the build process, keeping the worker within the structural framework of the tower.


Q. What safety specification do the towers adhere to?
A. BoSS towers comply to safety certification BS EN1004:2004. EN1004 or BS EN1004 is the European product standard for mobile access towers / scaffold towers.

Q. What are the differences between specification  non EN1004 and EN1004 scaffold towers?


 Non EN1004 Tower EN1004 Tower
Made from painted or galvanised steel and sometimes referred to as “Domestic” or H frame tower Marked with an EN1004 label
Uses loose scaffold boards or DIY platforms which can break or move and do not have trapdoors to prevent falls Will have purpose designed platforms with safe trapdoor entry and exit
Do not have built-in access to ensure safe ascent and descent Will have built-in access for safe ascent and descent
Not supplied with the required stabilisers to prevent overturning Supplied with the correct size and quantity of stabilisers to prevent overturning
Have frames with gaps or heights that would not prevent a fall Will have the correct quantity and number of guardrails with the correct gaps and dimensions to prevent a fall