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BoSS Tower - Why Is It The Number 1 Tower System?

Boss Tower 

Tower Compliance

There are a lot of competing brands within the working at height and scaffold tower sector. Each brand strives to deliver quality workmanship,seeks compliance to safety certifications, and aims to drive innovation. However, when inspecting brands, only a few tower brands provide certification to UK and EU standards. The detail is in the small print. Some towers are only compliant to other International standards, such as those standards adopted within Canadia.

BoSS Towers comply to EN1004:2004,the European standard for mobile access and working towers made from prefabricated elements. This certification provides current best practice when designing and building the BoSS Tower, ensuring the highest level of safety for the user.


Tower Range

BoSS have a comprehensive range of towers, servicing a broad spectrum of working requirements. Their offering can be split into two main categories. Firstly, aluminium towers and secondly, GRP towers. This combination caters for the most demanding working conditions. The BoSS Zone 1 Towers are made with Glass Reinforced Polymer and are non-conductive/sparking, non-corroding and non-oxidising. The tower is designed so the frame collar encapsulates the GRP tube to eliminate accidental damage during assembly and transportation. The Zone 1 range spans up to a height of 14.2 m.

The aluminium range of BoSS Towers has a number of subtle differences. The range includes BoSS Ladderspan, BoSS Clima, BoSS Clima Camlock AGR, BoSS Solo 700, BoSS Staircase and BoSS Solo 700.

Each different tower range provides a unique solution to different types of working and environmental demands. Available in 0.85m and 1.45m frame widths, available on 1.8m and 2.5m platform lengths.