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Whenever people talk about site handling equipment then the first name that comes in to every mind is Probst! There is no doubt to say that Probst equipment has become the first choice of construction, contractor and ground working professionals.

The team at BBF have supplied Probst equipment for 10 years and are excited and inspired to work with such an innovative and respected brand.

Probst Site Equipment

Probst gripper

When it comes to civil engineering, building construction or block paving - Probst have the answer with their extensive machinery and tools:

  • Paver laying and transportation Joint filling and surface cleaning Screeding
  • Professional tools
  • Vacuum laying
  • Laying of landscaping elements
  • Handling of concrete barriers
  • Civil Engineering: Manhole and Pipe Laying
  • Highrise and roof element maintenance and fitting

    Probst In-plant Handling

    Probst In-plant

     Probst's In-plant solutions for griping and moving large volumes of product cover:

    • Pavers and Blocks
    • Pipes and Manholes
    • Special clamps
    • Vacuum Technology

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