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Working At Height With Staging Boards And Handrail Systems

Are staging boards the only solution when working at height? Step ladders and ladder are a sensible and practical option for low-risk, short duration tasks. Do remember, if you intend using a ladder, ensure it is the most appropriate ladder for your specific task.

What is the benefit of staging boards and when should they be used over traditional ladder use?

Staging boards are particularly useful for long working areas, enabling the worker to safely move horizontally over a fixed span, derived from the length of the staging board. Staging boards come in two widths. These are 450 mm and 600mm. Staging board lengths range from 2.5m to 7.2 m. Support is required at both ends, with a 300mm overlap over a trestle or scaffold tower.

BBF provide two brands of staging boards, namely Youngman staging boards and LFI staging boards. Youngman 450mm staging boards , Youngman 600mm Staging Boards , LFI 450mm staging boards , LFI 600mm Staging Boards.


Staging Handrail Systems

Staging handrail systems are an essential safety requirement when using staging boards. They are designed to prevent falls or slips from the staging boards by providing a handrail and knee rail.

Staging systems are available in both single and double sided variations. The handrails are fixed to the staging boards by staging posts.

If you require assistance with regard to staging boards or handrail systems, our team are very happy to assist you in making the correct decision.