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Youngman Scaffold Tower - Affordable Favourites

Youngman Tower


Why Are Youngman Scaffold Towers A Leading Choice?

Youngman towers are designed and built in the UK to the highest standards, backed by safety certification: EN 1004:2004. Reliability and safety are characteristics that are synonymous with such a highly respected brand, making it a number 1 choice for trade professionals. 

 Youngman Towers are Easy To Use

A key advantage of the Youngman scaffold tower range is their modular versatility, enabling users to extend the working height of a tower using extension packs. With regard to the Minimax towers, an extension pack adds an additional 2 metres. Secondly, the towers are easy to assemble and maneuver, making deployment safer and simpler.



1. Youngman Minimax Tower

Versatile and easy to use, the Youngman Minimax tower is a leading seller. The base unit has a platform height of 0.6m and a safe working height of 2.6m. This can be extended up to a platform height of 5.8m, working height of 7.8m, using modular Minimax extension packs.

Youngman Minimax Tower

 The key features are:

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact Base Pack fits through standard doors, corridors and into your van
  • Snap-click fittings for easy of assembly
  • Adjustable platform height
  • Swivel-locking castors for easy tower maneuverability
  • 260mm rung spacing for safe climbing
  • Easy to transport and store
  • One person operation of Base Unit
  • Modular lightweight system
  • Safety certification: EN 1004:2004

2. Youngman Telescopic Tower

    The Youngman Telescopic Tower can be fully erected less than 3 minutes and transported in a small van or estate car. The telescopic mechanism allows 3 adjustable podium heights, with a platform height of 0.33m to 2m. The tower can be used for interior and external use.

    Youngman Telescopic Tower


    • Fully erected in under 3 minutes
    • Safe working height 2.33m - 4m
    • Quick and easy to assemble by one person
    • Integrated trapdoor for safe climbing
    • Can be transported in a small van or estate car
    • Comprises only two parts - tower and platform
    • Integral safety stabiliser bars
    • Fully transportable trolley feature
    • Fully anodised – Clean to handle
    • 150kg load capacity

    The Youngman Telescopic Tower is an ideal solution when working in isolation, due to its single person operation and ability to fit in a small van or estate vehicle.

    BoSS Towers

    Since Youngman's acquisition by Werner, the Youngman and BoSS tower products have been split into to distinct brands. Both brands adhere to industry standards, are designed for safety and contain exceptional build quality. You will find that the BoSS brand has a larger range of towers, as the BoSS name is synonymous with tower products. View the BoSS Tower range.

    Replacement Parts

    It is easy to replace components on Youngman Towers, from castors, stabilisers, deck, frames, toe boards and extension packs - all items are always available and can be ordered through BBF. View BoSS Spares.

    Bigger Deals with BBF Towers

    BBF have been supplying Youngman Towers for over 10 years. Our prices are heavily discounted and all towers have free UK delivery.