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BoSS Zone 1 Tower End Toe Board 0.6m (33554300)

BoSS Zone 1 Tower End Toe Board 0.6m (33554300)

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The BoSS Zone: 1 End Toe Board measuring 0.6m adds to end user safety when engaging the tower assembly. It allows for security when moving around on the deck whilst also acting as a catchment solution to stop tools and other objects from slipping off the tower. 


  • Manufactured from premium quality grade construction Fibreglass (GRP)
  • Offering reduced weight with addes structural strength for safer working.
  • Designed for inclusion with the narrower 0.85m BoSS Zone: 1 Tower variant
  • Non-conductive - ideal for rain and electrical installation use
  • Non-sparking - safe to use where dust, vapour and combustible material is present
  • Non-corrosive ideal for industrial site use
  • Non-oxidising - suitable for use in sterile environment such as food preparation and clean rooms
  • Clean and comfortable to handle in warm and cold climates


  • Open Length (m) 0.91m
  • Depth (m) 0.01m
  • Open Height (m) 0.16m
  • Approx. Product Weight (kg) 1.04kg
  • Style Zone:1
  • Material Timber / Aluminium

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