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BoSS Zone 1 GRP Tower 1.45m x 1.8m - 3.2m Working Height (32254500)
BoSS Zone 1 GRP Tower 1.45m x 1.8m - 3.2m Working Height (32254500)

BoSS Zone 1 GRP Tower 1.45m x 1.8m - 3.2m Working Height (32254500)

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The BoSS Zone:1 scaffold fibreglass industrial modular access tower system is ideal for working in the most demanding environment.

An ideal solution for working at height on specialised applications and challenging job sites such as rail maintenance, oil refineries, aviation and general electrical installations.

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  • Made from strong and durable fibreglass that is non-conductive, non-sparking, non-corrosive and non-oxidising
  • Frame collar encapsulates the GRP tube eliminate accidental damage during assembly and transportation
  • Frame interlocking clip is retained in the collar thereby reduce wear and tear
  • 30kg side loading as required by EN1004
  • Colour coded hook – ensures the braces are easy to identify
  • Improved frame design enables quick assembly
  • Safe working load of 225kg per platform level


  • 32842300 4 x Castor 150mm (6 inch)
  • 35754300 4 x Large Adjustable Leg
  • 30454300 1 x Zone:1 Ladder Frame 4 Rung 2m (H) x 1.45m (W)
  • 30154300 1 x Zone:1 Span Frame 3 Rung 2m (H) x 1.45m (W)
  • 32354300 1 x Zone:1 Fixed Deck 1.8m (L)
  • 32654300 1 x Zone:1 Trapdoor Deck 1.8m (L)
  • 34654300 6 x Zone:1 Horizontal Brace 1.8m (L)
  • 34354300 2 x Zone:1 Diagonal Brace 2.1m (L)
  • 33154300 2 x Zone:1 Side Toe Board 1.8m (L)
  • 33554300 2 x Zone:1 End Toe Board 0.6m (L)


  • Tower Width (m) 1.45m
  • Total Length (m) 1.8m
  • Platform Length (m) 1.8m
  • Platform Width (m) 1.22m (0.61m x 2)
  • Platform Height (m) 1.2m
  • Max. Safe Working Load per Platform (kg) 225kg
  • Safe Working Height (m) 3.2m
  • Total Tower Height (m) 2.2m
  • Load Capacity (kg) 720kg
  • Certifications Designed and tested to EN1004:2004
  • Style BoSS Zone:1
  • Tower Style 3T
  • Material Fibreglass
  • Approx. Product Weight (kg) 112kg

*Safe Working Height based on a 2m height and reach of a person whilst standing on the highest level platform.

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