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BoSS Zone 1 GRP Tower

BoSS Zone 1 GRP Tower 1.45m x 1.8m - 7.2m working height (307545)

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The BoSS Zone:1 fibreglass industrial modular access tower system is ideal for working in the most demanding environment. 

- Non-conductive 
- Non-sparking 
- Non-corrosive 
- Non-oxidising 

1.45m width

1.8m length
5.2m platform height
7.2m working height
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4 x 150mm locking castors
4 x Adjustable leg jacks 
3 x Tower SPAN FRAME 1450 4R B/IN LDR
3 x Tower SPAN FRAME 1450 4R Span
3 x 1.8m Fixed Deck
3 x 1.8m Trap Door Deck
14 x 1.8m Horizontal red clip braces
9 x 2.1m Diagonal blue clip braces
2 x 1.8m Side toeboards
2 x End toeboards
4 x BoSS Tower Stabiliser STD