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Desksurfer Folding Mast- Working Height 5.5M (55FM)
Desksurfer Folding Mast- Working Height 5.5M (55FM)

Desksurfer Folding Mast- Working Height 5.5M (55FM)

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he Desksurfer answers the needs of facilities engineers & others needing access over desks & provides minimal disturbance to the typical apparatus on desks, like computers & screens.

The Desksurfer requires no assembly or erection & is ready to operate & use, once the base unit is positioned beneath the desk. The platform height is adjusted in a matter of seconds using the convenient braked winch device.

The Desksurfer beats all previous methods for over desk access like desk spanning scaffolds and has been measured to provide 800% efficiency over previous methods in a timed trial changing 80 lamps in a dealer hall.

The Desksurfer can also be used away from desks & is therefore extremely useful for all access & working at height requirements for the duties of facilities & maintenance engineers.

Design features

The Desksurfer has been designed for hands on facilities and maintenance engineers, to specifically answer the difficult access requirements when working over desks. A 900mm out reach platform provides an easy 1200mm of hands on access to light fittings, air conditioning extractor filters etc.,


Based on an entirely new concept, the Desksurfer is both quick and easy to use. The platform is height adjustable for low level and high level applications, providing access to the underside of ceilings and when needed, above ceiling tile level for roof void situations. The safe working load (SWL) is 150Kg & each Desksurfer has a Serial number a certificate of conformity & is proof tested to 300Kg (2:1 of its SWL). Note the Desksurfer design load is 450Kg (3:1 of its SWL).


With its space saving design the Desksurfer compacts to a mere 650mm wide x 1350 long x 1912mm high (1970mm with option 5, adjustable legs), which makes it a versatile access tool to fit through doors and into small lifts as a one piece, self contained mobile unit.


Manufactured from robust aluminium alloy the Desksurfer is not only very strong but light and easy to manoeuvre. You can manually push the base around only when the the platform is empty. With no heavy hydraulics or batteries to add weight. The self weight is between 95Kg to 140Kg depending on the model and options.


Model : 55FM
Reach Height : 5.5m
Minimum Platform Height : 1.589m
Max Platform Height : 3.5m
Mast Type :  Folding mast
Outriggers : 4 
Adjustable Legs : 8 

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