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BoSS Extended End Cantilever 1.8m x 5.2m, Main Tower 1.45m  x 1.8m (34005200)

BoSS Extended End Cantilever 1.8m x 5.2m, Main Tower 1.45m x 1.8m (34005200)

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BoSS Extended End Cantilever enables further reach capability and is ideal for accessing areas where obstacles prevent a standard tower from being erected. Built quickly and easily using standard BoSS tower components, this tower range is ideal for overcoming all manner of obstacles such as porches, garage or stairways.  

Tower Width (m) 1.45m
Total Length (m) 1.8m + 1.8m Cantilever
Platform Length (m) 1.8m
Platform Width (m) 1.45m
Platform Height (m) 5.2m
Max. Safe Working Load per Platform (kg) 275kg
Safe Working Height (m) 7.2m
Total Tower Height (m) 6.2m
Load Class 2
Load Capacity (kg) 624kg
Certifications BS1139-6:2014
Style BoSS Extended End Cantilever
Tower Style 3T
Material Aluminium

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6 x Adjustable Leg
6 x 150mm (6 inch) Castor
4 x Span Frame 4 Rung 2m (H) x 1.45m (W)
3 x Ladder Frame 4 Rung 2m (H) x 1.45m (W)
1 x Step-Through Multi-Purpose Ladder Frame 1.45m (W)
1 x Guardrail Frame
2 x Horizontal Brace 1.45m (L)
23 x Horizontal Brace 1.8m (L)
18 x Diagonal Brace 2.1m (L)
6 x Fixed Deck 1.8m (L)
3 x Trapdoor Deck 1.8m (L)
4 x SP10 Telescopic Stabiliser c/w Saddle Blade Clamp
2 x 34051600 Link Brace 0.89m (L)
1x  Infill Deck 0.6m (L)
1 x Infill Deck 0.3m (L)
6 x Toe Board Clip
2 x End Toe Board 1.45m (L)
4 x Side Toe Board 1.8m (L)

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