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Lyte Hilyte 500 1.8m x 0.85m

Lyte Hilyte 500 Tower 2.5m x 1.45m - Platform Height 7.2m (HL25DW72)

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1450mm double width 2.5m long
7.2m Platform height
9.2m Working height
Extruded Tube Diameter 50.8mm
Extruded Tube Thickness 1.6mm
3mm Frame Spigots
Extruded Aluminium Ladder Style and rung
Heat treated gravity castings
Stainless steel bracing Lock pins
Reinforced platforms

4 x 150mm dual cocking castors
4 x Adjustable legs
4 x 4 rung span frame
4 x 4 rung ladder frame
4 x 2.5m hatch deck
1 x 2.5m fixed deck
18 x 2.5m horizontal braces
13 x 2.7m diagonal braces
2 x 2.5m side toeboard
2 x 1.2m end toeboard
4 x Large telescopic stabiliser


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