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Probst Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-UNI-UK (54000047)

Probst Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-UNI-UK (54000047)

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This universal manhole and cone clamp SVZ-uni enormously rationalizes transport and installation of manhole elements.

Especially suitable for manhole basers, rings and cones with inner diameters of 625/800/1000/1050/1200/1350/1500 mm.

An additional operator is not necessary as the driver of the lifting machine "switches" the SVZ-uni from gripping to releasing by a slight movement of the lifting hook.
The settings to the required diameters of the products is done very quickly through plug bolts. A rearrangement of the settings is not necessary when handling manhole rings and cones, as the SVZ-uni has got two gripping levels.
Efficient and economic handling of all kinds of manhole elements.

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