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Youngman Boss Clima 850mm x 1.8m Scaffold Tower - Platform Height 7.2m Working Height 9.2m

Boss Clima 0.85m x 1.8m Scaffold Tower - Working Height 9.2m (600072)

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850mm wide single width
1.8m Long 
7.2m Platform height
9.2m Safe working height
Made in UK 
Certified BS 1139 PART3 1994
Patented colour coded brace hook - most secure grip
Ribbed rung tubing for non slip grip

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4 x 150mm Heavy duty locking castors
4 x Adjustable leg jacks (250mm of height adjustment)
8 x 8 Rung Clima frames 2 metres
4 x 1.8m Hatch platforms
18 x 1.8m Horizontal red clip braces
13 x 2.1m Diagonal blue clip braces
4 x SP10 Large Telescopic stabilisers
2 x 1.8m side toeboards
2 x 600mm end toeboards
4 x Toeboard holder clips