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Youngman BoSS Evolution Tower 850mm x 1.8m

BoSS Ladderspan Tower 850mm x 1.8m - Working Height 8.2m (309522)

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Evolution Dimmensions
850mm wide single width
1.8m Long
6.2m Platform height
8.2m Safe working height
Compatible with original BoSS Tube to tube joints makes frames lighter Integral ladders with 250mm rung spacing
Ribbed tubing for increased grip
Self closing trapdoors and windlock clips
Modular toeboard system Braces locks colour coded
Patented double action locking claws
Floating spigots for easy assembly/dismantling

Evolution Components
4 x 150mm Heavy duty locking castors
4 x Adjustable leg jacks with 250mm of height adjustment
3 x 4 Rung ladder frames 2 metres
3 x 4 Rung span frames2 metres
1 x 2 Rung ladder frame 1 metre
1 x 2 Rung span frame 1 metre
3 x 1.8m Hatch platforms
14 x 1.8m Horizontal red clip braces
11 x 2.1m Diagonal blue clip braces
4 x SP10 Telescopic stabilisers
2 x 1.8m Side toeboards
2 x 600mm End toeboards
4 x Toeboard holder clips

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