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Youngman PAXTOWER EN1004 BASE TOWER 0.6M (38020600)

Youngman PAXTOWER EN1004 BASE TOWER 0.6M (38020600)

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The Youngman PAXTower EN1004 Base Tower is designed to provide a secure system for towers with platform heights of 0.6m to up to 5.6m. The versatile one-piece fold out snap-frame, with a platform, is quick and easy to set up and fits through standard doorways and corridors. With a toe board kit and stabilisers, this tower fully complies to the latest EN1004 safety standard. Compatible with PAXTower 3T and AGR builds.

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  • Safe working height* 2.6m
  • Platform height 0.6m
  • Innovative toe board system with no clips – removes the need for toe board clips reducing the amount of loose components
  • Adjustable stabilisers to provide added stability and lock tower into position
  • Simple one-hand operation of the snap-frame with robust locking mechanism: Lock and release with just one click
  • Large platform, with braced guardrails for 360 degree protection whilst working
  • Fits through standard doorways or corridors
  • Compact dimensions - easy to transport and store
  • Safe working load of 208kg per platform**
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Certified to the latest EN1004


  • Tower Style: PAXTower Base Tower
  • Platform Height (m); 0.6m
  • Platform Width (m); 0.67m
  • Platform Length (m); 1.8m
  • Load Capacity/Deck:(kg); 208kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Total Tower Height:(m); 1.6m
  • Tower Width: (m);0.85m
  • Safe Working Height:(m); 2.6m
  • Max. Load: (kg);208kg
  • Approx. Product Weight:(kg): 58.07kg

*Safe working height based on a 2m height and reach of a person whilst standing on the highest level platform.
**Load includes user, tools, materials, etc.

Package contents:

1 x 37042000 PAXTower Base Pack Tower 0.6m
1 x 37042800 PAXTower Adjustable Leg Pack
1 x 37042100 PAXTower EN1004 Stabiliser and Toe Board Pack