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Zarges Combination ladder, 3 section 10 rung (48983)

Zarges Combination ladder, 3 section 10 rung (48983)

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Our base model: lightweight and yet robust.

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High-quality flange connection between rungs and stiles.
Stiles made from extruded aluminium sections for maximum stability.
High-strength Perlon straps prevent splay.

Material    aluminium
Standards    EN 131 professional
Warranty    10 years
Number of rungs    3 × 10
Load capacity    max. 150 kg
Coating    natural
Connection between stiles and rungs/stiles    flanged
Tread depth    24 mm
Transport dimensions    approx. 2.878 mm × approx. 460 mm × approx. 200 mm
Working height as 3-part single ladder    max. approx. 7.2 m
Length as 2-part single ladder and as stepladder with push-on section    4.49 m
Ladder length as 3-part single ladder    6.52 m
Overall length, retracted    2.88 m
Number of rungs    10
Vertical distance between each rung/tread    265 mm
Type of rungs/treads    serrated
Weight    16.9 kg
Wide crosspiece    0.99 m